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Mobile Cold Finger mCF2 - Professional measurement technology for mobile use

Measures wax, paraffin deposits and inhibitors in crude oil

The mobile Cold Finger tests wax and paraffin deposits as well as the effectiveness of inhibitors in crude oils. The mobile Cold Finger has 2 measuring stations. It is ideally suited for low sample throughput or for mobile, laboratory-independent use. The mobile Cold Finger makes it possible.

For more than 10 years we have been the trendsetter on the market with our Cold Finger technology. With it we have optimized the examination of wax deposits of crude oils so that among other things several measuring intervals per sample are possible and highly precise results are achieved thanks to weight-adjusted sleeves.

The new standard for professionals in the laboratory is now, also mobile! Our engineers have made it possible to scale the ingenious technology of our Cold Finger to a compact transportable size - while maintaining the same comfort and measurement quality.


All the important features and areas of application of the mobile Cold Finger


  • Mobile for changing locations
  • Ideal for low sample flow rate
  •  Reproducible results with simple operation
  •  Precise, near-sample temperature measurement
  •  High work protection due to closed system


  • Determine wax content and paraffine deposition 
  • Measure wax appearance temperature (WAT) 
  • Development of inhibitors
  • Optimisation of inhibitor concentrations
  • Quality control

mobile Cold Finger: Mobile measuring world wide with precise results

Many different factors have an effect on wax deposition. While solutions can often be found in suitable laboratory environments there are, also requirements that make it necessary to investigate directly on site. For example samples after transportation show changed properties compared to the crude oil during production because volatile components have outgassed in the meantime.

For this purpose we have incorporated the sophisticated PSL Cold Finger measurement technology in a compact mobile size. This allows you to obtain the result on site directly at the point of conveyance. Or you can prove the effectiveness of your wax inhibitor directly to your customer on site.

Now also use PSL Cold Finger technology for low sample volume

Do you only have a small number of samples for cold finger measurements? And you want to achieve comparable measurement results with high quality and easy handling? Then the mobile version of our Cold Finger with two measuring stations is exactly what you need.

Interrupt and continue individual measurements at any time - with the Cold Finger CF15 the proven Cold Finger measurement method has been rethought. Now its little brother is available which translates the high quality of PSL Cold Finger technology into a compact and portable device.

The mobile Cold Finger mCF2 offers the same comfort advantages and precision as its big brother at two measuring stations. The device makes it possible to observe various parameters such as wax formation temperature (WAT) total wax content or shear effect. While the temperature difference is simulated the wax contained in the oil can be deposited on the cold surface of the cold finger. By weighing the deposits at several intervals and at different temperatures the deposition rate is calculated. The final amount of deposit is the total wax content. Individual measurements can be interrupted at any time and continued with the same sample.

High operating safety leads to reproducible results

Thanks to precise finger and specimen positioning and an intelligent design, reproducible results with high measuring accuracy are achieved thanks to the high level of operating safety. In the closed measuring chamber, the specimens are protected from environmental influences. In addition, the wax deposits can be re-melted after the test. This means that the specimens remain completely unchanged and can be reused. The closed system offers a high level of work safety and at the same time user-friendly operation with simple preparation, fast execution, easy cleaning and software-supported evaluation.

In a robust transport case, the mCF2 (weight with case approx. 10 kg, power supply 240 V or 115V) can be used worldwide. All you need on site is a laboratory balance and a thermostat.

Whether directly at the borehole, at the pipeline, for control measurement in a partner laboratory or for only a few measurements: the mobile Cold Finger mCF2 is your flexible, compact solution for the application of the highly precise and efficient Cold Finger measurement technology from PSL Systemtechnik.

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