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25 years of PSL Systemtechnik - From the cellar to the world

Our history since 1999

202425 years of PSL Systemtechnik - From the cellar to the world
 Introduction of Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6
2023Introduction of mobile Differential Scale Loop mDSL415 - 1. Differential Scale Loop as a mobile device in a case for use on site
2022Live presentations of our laboratory instruments via video call: See the laboratory instrument "live and in color" before you buy it
 Introduction of mobile Cold Finger mCF2: Cold Finger with two measurement places for mobile us or for low sample throughput
2019We celebrate 20 years of PSL Systemtechnik


Introduction of Foam Tester - Tests foam stability up to 150 °C and 10 bar

2016Finalist of the Lower Saxonian Foreign Trade Award 2016


We are enlarging. Moving to Osterode am Harz in the middle of the company: our quality assurance with 100 % testing
 We now also measure on your behalf. We use our experience and our instruments and start with an own service laboratory


Introduction of H2S Analyzer - Patented measurement method to analyze H2S-content of crude oils, especially Bitumen and heavy oils in temperature ranges up to 200 °C
2013Acquired customers from all top 5 companies in the oil industry


Introduction of Multi-Rack Cold Finger CF15 - Revolutionary redesign of the established measurement principle to stipulate wax contents in oils
Introduction of Gashydrate Autoclave GHA 350 - Pressure range up to 350 bar and 3 cameras

 Innovation support for patented H2S Analyzer by the "Zentrale Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand des BMWi (ZimSolo)"


Introduction of Sapphire Rocking Cell RCS - First commercial system for gas hydrate research of anti-agglomerants with full-view cells

 Second place in the contest for the Volksbank Innovation Award for the development of the Sapphire Rocking Cell RCS


Introduction of Rocking Cell RC5 - First commercial system for analyzing kinetic gashydrate inhibitors

 Acquired customers on all 5 continents
2008Start of sales partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific (thermostats and viscosimeter)


Introduction of Dynamic Stability Loop DySL - First commercial system for analyzing long-time stability of oilfield chemicals

 Opening of the US-agency


Introduction of Friction Flow Loop - The PSL Turbulence Rheometer - First commercial system for analyzing drag reduction agents in pipelines


Introduction of Flocculation Tester FT5 - Measurement of asphaltene flocculation in dark, undiluted crude oils under simulated deposit conditions up to 700 bar and 200 °C


Introduction of improved Pour Point Tester PPT 45150 - Enhanced temperature range from -45 to +150 °C
Introduction of Differential Scale Loop DSL - First commercial system to analyze scales in pipelines with three HPLC-Pumps

 Change of company form to GmbH 


Introduction of Gashydrate Autoclave GHA 200 - First lab instrument for analyzing gas hydrate formation

2001The company moves to Albrecht-von-Groddeck-Straße in Clausthal-Zellerfeld


Introduction of Pour Point Tester PPT 25150 - Unique portable Pour Point Tester

 Innovation support by the European Union Fund for regional development (EFRE)


Introduction of Viscosity Measuring Site VM3080 - Unique portable rotational viscosimeter

 Founding of PSL Systemtechnik OHG in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany. Company headquarters in a 16m² cellar


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