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Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6 - the classic with water bath

Simple operation and precise results thanks to sample lift

The laboratory device of the Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6 examines wax deposits and the effectiveness of wax and parrafin inhibitors. There are 6 measuring stations in a conventional water bath available for this purpose.

The CF6 is suitable as an entry-level model for laboratories with low to medium sample volumes for Cold Finger measurements in crude oil and petroleum products.

All the important features and areas of application of the Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6


  • Most convenient device on the market thanks to innovative lift system
  • Precise finger and bottle positioning for accurate results
  • Removable sleeves for easy weighing and cleaning
  • 100 ml and 250 ml bottles can be used
  • Stand-alone device or automated with software


  • Low to medium sample volume for cold finger measurements
  • For sample tempering up to 90 °C
  • Examine wax content and paraffin deposition
  • Determine the Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT)
  • Development and optimization of wax and paraffin inhibitors

It's a classic? Yes, but better!

The PSL development team thought about how the standard classic device with low acquisition costs, could be made even better and still remain an affordable entry-level model.

Our focus was a simple operation, higher safety level and a faster measuring process compared to similar cold finger devices on the market. We are very proud of our successful result. The CF6 complements the Cold Finger product family with an entry-level model for small budgets, but with the typical PSL quality.

The short story - What makes the Multi-Place Cold Finger unique?

With the Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6, a proven method with a classic design and water bath has been added to the PSL Cold Finger product family. For users, this means greater convenience in handling and more accurate results.

Based on the proven PSL cold finger measuring technology and a new type of lift system, the 6 sample units are held separately from each other. This means that different chemicals or sample concentrations can be measured in parallel and the samples can also be individually pre-tempered. The cooling fingers can be positioned to match the size of the sample bottle in order to measure the temperature exactly where the wax deposits occur.

The CF6 has been designed to be easy to use and to need a small space in the laboratory.

The removable sleeves allow the measurement of wax deposits over time as well as easy weighing and cleaning.

The almost closed water bath significantly minimizes the evaporation of the bath liquid, so that measurements up to 80 °C are easily possible and even temperatures up to 90 °C are realistic. For greater safety and to prevent condensation, the water bath and all hoses are insulated.

The test procedure

The petroleum samples with magnetic stirrer are screwed into the sample carrier, lowered into the water bath and pre-tempered there. The pre-cooled cooling finger unit is then lowered into the samples. Once the desired test duration has been reached, the cooled finger unit is pushed up the lift system. There it can drip off and cool down so that the wax deposits can solidify a little. The sleeves are removed and weighed. The sleeves can then be used again for the same sample for the next time interval. At the end of the test, the samples can be completely melted and are available for further tests.

The standard version of the CF6 is designed as a fully functional stand-alone device with heating bath, stirring plate and cooling thermostat. The automatic version offers software support for all users who want to record the test conditions digitally and control the cooling fingers individually.

Our solution

4 advantages over conventional comparable Cold Fingers on the market

Built from the width to the height: The Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6 with 6 measuring stations requires less laboratory space than conventional models. With the innovative lift system, both the fingers and the sample bottles are kept above the water bath during test preparation and post-processing as well as during sampling.

1. More accurate and reproducible results

While the cooling finger unit cools down, the samples can be lowered into the water bath and pre-tempered. This makes the results more accurate and reproducible.

The fingers and bottles are positioned precisely thanks to a built-in locking mechanism. This means that the temperature sensor in the cooling finger always remains directly at the point of wax deposition. This ensures consistent measuring conditions and high accuracy in the measurement results.

2. Higher measurement reliability

Easily removable cold finger sleeves make it easy to weigh the wax deposits. This makes it possible to measure the wax deposits over time. During weighing, the sleeves stand securely upside down so that the wax deposit remains intact. In addition, the samples can be re-melted and are available for repeated measurements, and the fact that all tubes are insulated ensures constant temperature conditions and prevents condensation.

3. More flexibility in the test set-up

Thanks to the innovative lift system with independent sample and finger unit, the cooling finger is always ideally positioned - regardless of whether you are using a 100 ml or 250 ml sample bottle.

The almost closed water bath minimizes evaporation at higher temperatures of the bath liquid. This means that sample temperatures of up to 80 °C are easily possible and even up to 90 °C are realistic. In addition, experiments can be run overnight, for example. The maintenance effort and frequent level checks are significantly reduced.

4. Easier to handle

Users need very little force to operate the CF6. A built-in counterweight supports the lifting of the sample unit. The cooling fingers and the bottles can be lifted separately for easy operation.

The insulated water bath allows precise temperature control and also protects the user from contact with hot surfaces. No more dripping into the bath liquid or onto the laboratory workstation. The lift guide for the finger unit also makes this possible.

Easy and simple cleaning thanks to the removable sleeves and sample bottles are included in the concept.

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