Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

Test overview of laboratory instruments

for Flow Assurance, Oil, Natural gas and Water

Asphaltene Flocculation: Flocculation Tester FT5

  • Measure flocculation points and examine crystal formation in oils
  • For very dark samples, undiluted crudes and oil products
  • Unpressurised or for pressures up to 700 bar
  • Stand-alone device or as extended measuring site
  • Highly automated test runs

Product page: Flocculation Tester FT5


Fluid Flow: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150

  • Measure pour point (no-flow point) acc. to ASTM D5985
  • Portable in trolley case
  • Temperature range -45 to +150 °C
  • In the lab with precooler down to -55 °C
  • Automated, fast and accurate measuring
  • Repeated measurements

Product page: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150


Wax Deposition: Optical WAT Detector OWD

  • Measurement of wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Cross-polarisation filter mehod
  • Fast and precise temperature control
  • Automated test procedure
  • Integrated cooling - no thermostat required

Product page: Optical WAT Detector

Wax Deposition: mobile Cold Finger mCF2

  • Convincing improved handling
  • Ideal for low sample flow rate
  • Mobile for changing locations
  • Flexible and compact

Product page: mobile Cold Finger


Wax Deposition: Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6

  • Basic model
  • 6 measuring places in water bath
  • Convenient thanks to lifting system
  • Highly precise measurings with weight-calibrated cold finger sleeves
  • 100 ml and 250 ml bottles can be used

Product page: Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6


Wax Deposition: Multi-Rack Cold Finger CF15

  • Convincing improved handling
  • 15 measuring places for simultaneous tests
  • Samples can be separately removed during a test
  • Highly precise measurings with weight-calibrated cold finger cells
  • Pressure cells and extended temperature ranges available

Product page: Multi-Rack Cold Finger CF15


Wax deposition: Wax Flow Loop WL

  • Examine wax-, paraffin- and asphaltene sedimentations
  • Fully automated with integrated PC
  • Exchangeable model pipeline
  • Small sample volumes from 50 ml
  • Real-time charts
  • Easy data collection, visualisation and export

Product page: Wax Flow Loop WL


Scale Formation: Differential Scale Loop DSL

  • Examine precipitation and sedimentation of scale in pipelines
  • Small sample volumes from 500 ml
  • Fully automated test runs software controlled
  • Wide temperature and pressure range
  • Exchangeable model pipeline

Product page: Differential Scale Loop DSL


Scale Formation: mobile Differential Dynamic Scale Loop mDSL

  • Observation of crystalline deposits like salts or scale in oil or water pipelines
  • Mobile tube blocking system for measurements in the field
  • Developement of inhibitors
  • Testing of oil or water treatment additives
  • Quality control

Product page: mobile Differential Dynamic Scale Loop 


Foam: Foam Tester FOA

  • Test foaming at elevated temperature
  • Faom stability, carry-over and collapse tests
  • Up to 10 bar (145 psi) and +150 °C (302 °F)
  • Based on principles of ASTM D892
  • Run two test cells with independant gas flow rates

Product page: Foam Tester FOA 1015


Hydrate Formation: Gas Hydrate Autoclave GHA 200 & GHA 350

  • Examine gas hydrates, gas hydrate inhibitors and antiagglomerats
  • Measures temperature, torque and pressure up to 350 bar
  • Photo or video recordings during test runs possible
  • Longtime experiments up to 30 days
  • Automated test schedule with flexible software

Product page: Gas hydrate autoclave GHA


Hydrate Formation: Rocking Cell - Sapphire RCS

  • Stringent conditions for research on gas hydrates, anti-agglomerants, hydrate inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors
  • Strong mixing simulates pipeline conditions
  • Up to 20 movable test chambers made of sapphire
  • Direct visual control
  • Separately adjustable pressure up to 200 bar
  • Variable test conditions, Shut-down, restart, multi-ramps, cycles etc.
  • Automated with integrated PC
  • Available in different sizes

Product page: Rocking Cell Sapphire RCS


Hydrate Formation: Rocking Cell RC5

  • Stringent conditions for research on gas hydrates, hydrate inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors
  • Strong mixing simulates pipeline conditions
  • 5 movable test chambers
  • Separately adjustable pressure up to 200 bar
  • Variable test conditions and long-time experiments
  • Compact and automated

Product page: Rocking Cell RC5


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