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You want to examine wax and paraffin deposition in crude oil?

Overview of our laboratory instruments for wax and paraffin testing

Use our knowledge and experience on laboratory instruments for wax appearance and deposition!

Cold Finger - Determine wax depositions the classic way in a batch

• mobile Cold Finger - mobile version, ideal for low sample flow rate

Optical WAT Detector -  Measure Wax Appearance Temperature WAT with high precision

Wax Flow Loop - Determine wax deposition at dynamic flow conditions

Pour Point - Measure Pour Point / No-Flow Point with high accuracy in a wide temperature range

Wax Deposition: Cold Finger CF15

  • Convincing improved handling
  • 15 measuring places for simultaneous tests
  • Samples can be separately removed during a test
  • Highly precise measurings with weight-calibrated cold finger cells
  • Pressure cells and extended temperature ranges available

Product page: Cold Finger CF15


Wax Deposition: mobile Cold Finger mCF2

  • Convincing improved handling
  • Ideal for low sample flow rate
  • Mobile for changing locations
  • Flexible and compact

Product page: mobile Cold Finger


Wax deposition: Wax Flow Loop WL

  • Examine wax-, paraffin- and asphaltene sedimentations
  • Fully automated with integrated PC
  • Exchangeable model pipeline
  • Small sample volumes from 50 ml
  • Real-time charts
  • Easy data collection, visualisation and export

Product page: Wax Flow Loop WL


Wax Deposition: Optical WAT Detector OWD

  • Measurement of wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Cross-polarisation filter mehod
  • Fast and precise temperature control
  • Automated test procedure
  • Integrated cooling - no thermostat required

Product page: Optical WAT Detector

Fluid Flow: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150

  • Measure pour point (no-flow point) acc. to ASTM D5985
  • Portable in trolley case
  • Temperature range -45 to +150 °C
  • In the lab with precooler down to -55 °C
  • Automated, fast and accurate measuring
  • Repeated measurements

Product page: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150


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