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Low Temperatures at Pour Point and Viscosity with Cooling-Water Recooler

Our Viscometry Measuring Site, the Thermal Conductivity Measuring Site and the Pour Point Tester are also available with a cooling-water recooler for low temperatures between -45 °C (-49 °F) and -55 °C (-67 °F)



  • Enlarged temperature range
  • Low priced alternative compared to equivalent cooling with thermostat
  • Up to 3 devices simultaniously


  • Flow Assurance for extreme cold regions
  • Quality control
  • For too warm water supply

Peltier technique enables it:  using tap water as cooling agent for mobile devices and lowest temperatures in the lab by cooling water recooler.

Use the enlarged temperature range for our Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity Measuring Site or for our Pour Point Tester.

  • Viscosity Measuring Site:
... -45 °C (-49 °F)
  • Thermal Conductivity Site:
... -50 °C (-58 °F)
  • Pour Point Tester:
... -55 °C (-67 °F)

The cooling-water recooler, can be combined with our measuring instruments and provides a cost-effective alternative for cooling with cryostats of equal capacity.

To reach the very low temperatures, the cooling-water recooler is connected with on of our devices. The recooler uses a water-glycol-mix of 34 vol. % as counter cooling. Our measuring instruments use tap water for their normal temperature range. When you use one of the instruments with the recooler the instrument is connected with the recooler instead of the tap water supply and water-glycol-mix is used for cooling. The recooler can lower the inlet temperature down to -20 °C.

The recooler enables flow assurance - tests for very cold regions. It is also a good solution if you work in a lab where the temperature of water supply is not sufficient for an effective cooling.

Up to three lab instruments can simultaneously be connected to the recooler to operate them with their standard temperature range. To reach lower temperatures only one instrument has to be connected.

Our lab instruments delivered before August 2008 can beupgraded for the enhanced temperature range.

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