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H2S Analyzer 320

Testing the hydrogen sulphide content in bitumen or heavy fuel oils

The H2S Analyzer 320 determines the hydrogen sulphide / H2S content and concentration in bitumen, asphalt, crude and heavy oils as well as refinery products up to 200 °C. The measuring method of the H2S Analyzer 320  allows accurate measurements in liquid and gas phase. The H2S Analyzer 320 measures dissolved and escaping hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, sulphur dioxide / SO2 and inherent sulphur components. The laboratory device delivers very accurate and reliable results within the entire measuring range. The H2S Analyzer covers a wide range of emission levels from 1 to 10,000 ppm hydrogen sulphide in the liquid phase and up to 1,000 ppm in the gas phase. It is suitable for the evaluation and optimization of H2S scavengers (additives), among other things.


All important characteristics of the H2S Analyzer


  • Measures H2S, light mercaptan, SOsimultaneously in vapor and liquid phase
  • Measures dissolved and evolving H2S
  • Temperature range +30 °C to +200 °C
  • Two storage container
  • Portable test unit 


  • For bitumen, asphalt, heavy fuel oils, crude and other refinery products
  • Evaluation and optimization of H2S scavengers (additives)
  • Quality control


Present Situation

The test methods for bitumen, asphalt and heavy fuel oils used up to date are in general not giving reliable data, take a long time or are very expensive. Thus providing only insufficient solutions for requirements of most laboratories. The inadequate reliability of these test methods implies a big risk for health, safety and environment. The need for reliable test methods has increased over the past years. The reduce of limits for H2S content in bitumen and heavy oils reinforced this development additionally.  To meet this increased demand Clariant developed the DyMS method to measure H2S especially in bitumen. PSL moves the patent pending method into a laboratory instrument.

New measuring method - Enhanced possibilities

The H2S Analyzer 320 (DyMS) measures dissolved and evolving hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, SO2 and inherent sulphur components in bitumen and asphalt, a wide range of crude oils and refinery products under temperatures of up to +200 °C. The instrument provides very accurate and reliable results within the whole measuring range. The H2S Analyzer works for a wide range of emission levels from 1 to 10.000 ppm hydrogen sulfide for the liquid phase and up to 1000 ppm in the vapor phase.

Your Benefit

With the H2S Analyzer you reduce scavanger treatment costs. You save development and measuring time compared to the actually used test methods. Your project costs reduce accordingly.
Testing of blending and with scavanger treated samples will get you much more accurate results over the measurement range. It fulfills the needed stringent conditions for check heavy fuel oils, bitumen, asphalt for specific plant and storage conditions in realtime. Scavanger treatment can be optimized, adjusted to your application and actual operating conditions allowing a significant increase in product safety. 

Measuring Principle of H2S Analyzer

The measuring principle of H2S Analyzer 320 based on DyMS method. The instrument has one - optional two - storage and one measuring containers, where the sample will be mixed permanently and hold on temperature up to +200 °C. The sample will be pumped into the measurement container - loaded with a high boiling point solvent - and mixed continuously. Afterwards the H2S is stripped off by purging nitrogen through the liquid. The mass transfer is  improved and more H2S can be detected compared to other methods. 
The use of inert gas nitrogen avoids oxidation of true H2S. The H2S concentration is finally detected by a specific sensor. In general a measurement requires max. 15 minutes. The results will be recorded, calculated and printed. 
Further sulphur compounds like light mercaptans and SO2may be measured simultaneously when respective sensors have been installed. 
The set-up of H2S Analyser DyMS further allows the preparation of a second test sample while the first is still running. This feature increase the test flexibility and frequency. Just the DyMS method enables a wide protection of safety, environmental and corrosion-related problems. 


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