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Specifications Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6

Measurement device:

Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6


The Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6 from PSL Systemtechnik examines wax and parrafin deposits on cool surfaces and is used to screen for wax and parrafin inhibitors.

The Cold Finger Test is a standard measuring method in the analysis of petroleum oils.

The Multi-Place Cold Finger CF6 is designed as an entry-level model with 6 measuring positions in a water bath and is suitable for low to medium sample volumes.

Number of fingers:


Temperature range heater:

+30 .. +90 °C

Temperature range cold finger:

 -5 .. +65 °C

Sample volume:

approx. 80 ml or 220 ml per finger

Stirrer speed:

100 .. 2000 rpm


60 kg (CF6 main unit)
plus approx. 40 kg per thermostat

Dimensions (WxDxH):

35 x 68 x 97 cm (CF6)

Power supply:

230 V~ or 115 V~

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