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Our Christmas cards

Heartfelt thanks to our region: The Harz Mountains

Every year we send self-designed Christmas cards all over the world. In doing so, we use a wintry motif from our homeland, the Harz Mountains and its surroundings, and present it.
With an export share of over 90%, we sell our devices from Japan to India, Europe to the USA and Brazil.

We owe this success, among other things, to our home region: with our dedicated employees who live here, our suppliers from the region and the infrastructure that we use as a matter of course.
With our Christmas cards, we want to say thank you and give a part back. We introduce our home to our customers and show what makes us strong.

2023: Full steam ahead

Every day, the narrow-gauge trains of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB) with their historic steam engines drive through our Harz home, along some of the most beautiful wonders of nature. With its railroad network of 140 km (87 mi.), the HSB is the biggest steam adventure in Germany and among the top 10 in the world.
The most popular train is the Brockenbahn, leading from the picturesque station Drei-Annen-Hohne to the top of the Brocken mountain. Under full steam the 700 HP engine gains a speed of 20 - 40 km/h (12.5 - 25 mph), slowly but steady reaching the highest peak in North-Germany.

Which important goals have you reached with full steam, but slow and steady?

2022: Border monument in Stapelburg - peaceful encounters

Our home region, the Harz mountains located in the heart of Germany, was divided for more than 40 years by the inner-German border, with its impassable barriers and watchtowers over a length of 1,400 km. Here in the Harz, the first border opening outside Berlin took place on November 11th, 1989. Peacefully, without consulting authorities in East or West, under pressure from the people the border was opened. Between Stapelburg and Eckertal, thousands of GDR citizens crossed the river Ecker over a makeshift bridge into the free part of Germany.
Even 33 years later, the world would benefit from more peaceful encounters. In which everyday encounters can you contribute to more peace?

2021: Christmas village Wieda – made with love

The small Harz village Wieda, right in our home region, keeps a wonderful Christmas tradition alive: Front yards and driveways are decorated with more than 20 life-sized Christmas cribs, showing the Christmas story. Each imaginative Christmas crib is lovingly handcrafted by citizens and clubs of Wieda. One more beautiful than the other they amaze young and old from near and far.
Last year, the atmospheric ambience inspired our sales representative. This year, she is looking forward to sharing some time with her co-workers in this cozy Christmas village, enjoying Glühwein
and concerts.
Which Christmas experience are you looking forward to?

2020: Castle Wernigerode - mystical

At the rim of the snowy Harz mountains, surrounded by shrouds of mist the castle Wernigerode is a perfect set for movies like “The little Ghost". Visitors of our regions popular architectural monument are especially enchanted by its multifaceted silhouette and the richness of its interior details. The contemporary look of the building – with its likeness to the famous castle Neuschwanstein – originates from reconstructions to a prestigious state castle in the 19th century. The museum now in the rooms of the high nobility gives an impression of the “Jetset” life from that period. Even without the convivial winter market the spellbound castle will shine in silent Christmas magic this year and delight the hearts of the PSL team members…, with a little mystical flair, but with a lot of inspiration for the future.


2019: Christmas Market in Goslar

As part of our regional tradition, the Goslar Christmas Market is one of the ten most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany and has achieved international fame. The lovingly designed market and the cozy Christmas forest illuminate the medieval city center with its narrow lanes and slate covered historical buildings. During Advent the Christmas Market enchants locals and visitors from all over the world.
Numerous stalls for handcrafts and gift articles invite you to stroll to Christmassy sounds. Afterwards you can enjoy mulled wine and other culinary delights and meet old acquaintances or new friends and certainly one or two members of your PSL team.

2018: The Brocken Mountain - legendary!

The Brocken is the highest mountain in northern part of Germany at 1,141 m a.s.l. and it is the landmark of our homeland, the Harz Mountains.
From Osterode you can easily reach the Torfhaus in approximately 30 min, which is one of the starting points for a Brocken hiking tour. For the people, which are living in Harz Mountains, it is mandatory to climb, at least once in their life, the peak of the Brocken.
The Broken brought to us one the most beautiful traditions, which is called: Walpurgis. Legends tell that every year on the 30th April, witches gathering on Walpurgis night in order to dance with the devil. Today Walpurgis is celebrated all over the Harz mountains.
Until then we hope for a snowy and legendary winter!


2015: Osterode am Harz - Gateway to South- Harz

The city of Osterode, situated in a picturesque valley at the foot of the Harz mountains, is also known as the "Gateway to South-Harz".
The historic city center with its timbered houses in the glow of wintery lights invites visitors to a stroll over the market place. Numerous visitors also enjoy the annual Christmas market held in this place.
Also for those in search of more active holidays, Osterode offers a few attractions during winter season. People of all ages can enjoy activities on various winter hiking routes, the net of crosscounts ski-trails with a total length of about 500 km and the numerous toboggan runs and skiing areas in the region.

2013: The Brocken - Highest Mountain in Northern Germany

With its 1141 m above sea level the Brocken is the highest mountain in the mid-mountain Harz and is one of the most popular destinations in Germany. Since 1899 the narrow-gauge steam train "Brockenbahn" travels to the mountain peak, just interrupted by the division of Germany. Several transmitter systems are located at the top of the mountain.

The Brocken is a place of extreme weather conditions. With long winters, heavy storms and low temperatures it corresponds to an alpine region of 1.600 - 2.000 m. 

Populary known as the "Blocksberg" the Brocken is surrounded by a lot of sagas. Legends has it that it was used for the first time in 1540 as a place for witches meetings.

In 1777 Johann Wolfgang Goethe went for a hiking tour onto the Brocken, later on it became a main scene in his tragedy "Faust".

2012: The „Oberharzer Wasserregal“ - UNESCO world cultural heritage

The landscape surrounding Clausthal-Zellerfeld is crossed by artificially established mining ponds.
Today 65 ponds are still existing and remind of that time with over 100 ones. This so-called „Oberharzer
Wasserregal“ is deemed to be the most significant water management system of mining worldwide. It was
declared a Unesco world cultural heritage at the end of 2010.
During the pre-industrial era the water power was the only energy source for mining available in sufficient quantity.
The transportation facilities as well as the aeration and de-watering of the adits were powered by waterwheels. This procedure was also used for grading the mined ore.
Nowadays the ponds are used mainly for swimming and some serve as drinking water protection area.


2011: Church "Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist"

The Clausthal church "Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist" is the largest wooden church in Germany.
Its dimension - 2200 seats in former times - still remind of the historical meaning of Clausthal's most important mining center in Europe.
Hallowed in 1642 and dedicated to the Holy Ghost the chapel stands for a close connection of the miners to their church.
The bell tower was financed by the mining authority and built already in 1637 before the actual church building was constructed. It's startbell reminded the miners of the punctual pre-shift.

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