Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

We set new laboratory standards with our instruments

Laboratory instruments and service laboratory for flow assurance, oil, natural gas and water

PSL Systemtechnik stands for reliability, quality and innovation. We are proud that the Big Five in the industry are among our satisfied customers.

We have been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative laboratory equipment specifically for flow assurance for 25 years, setting new standards in the laboratory for professionals. We have been awarded innovation prizes for this. More about PSL



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About PSL Systemtechnik: Intelligent laboratory solutions for the oil and gas industry

PSL Systemtechnik develops, produces and distributes innovative laboratory equipment for the petroleum, oil and petrochemical industries worldwide. With continuous innovations, standards are set in flow analysis. PSL thus makes a significant contribution to the efficient extraction, transportation, processing and quality control of crude oil and natural gas. 

In addition to reliable analysis performance, the devices are characterized by a wide range of functionalities that make PSL a well-known technology leader. Another of PSL's aims is to make measurements as simple, convenient and ergonomic as possible. This makes it a pleasure for every user to obtain highly accurate and reproducible results in the shortest possible measuring times

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