Lab instruments for oil and gas. Made in Germany.

You need to do your measurements flexibly at different locations?

5 mobile laboratory instruments for easy use in the field

Mobility and flexibility are becoming increasingly important for the analysis of different samples. Flow assurance is the top priority! With our mobile laboratory devices, you can analyze samples quickly and easily and initiate appropriate measures immediately.

Scale Formation: mobile Differential Dynamic Scale Loop mDSL

  • Observation of crystalline deposits like salts or scale in oil or water pipelines
  • Mobile tube blocking system for measurements in the field
  • Developement of inhibitors
  • Testing of oil or water treatment additives
  • Quality control

Product page: mobile Differential Dynamic Scale Loop 


Wax Deposition: mobile Cold Finger mCF2

  • Convincing improved handling
  • Ideal for low sample flow rate
  • Mobile for changing locations
  • Flexible and compact

Product page: mobile Cold Finger


Wax Deposition: Optical WAT Detector OWD

  • Measurement of wax appearance temperature (WAT)
  • Cross-polarisation filter mehod
  • Fast and precise temperature control
  • Automated test procedure
  • Integrated cooling - no thermostat required

Product page: Optical WAT Detector

Fluid Flow: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150

  • Measure pour point (no-flow point) acc. to ASTM D5985
  • Portable in trolley case
  • Temperature range -45 to +150 °C
  • In the lab with precooler down to -55 °C
  • Automated, fast and accurate measuring
  • Repeated measurements

Product page: Pour Point Tester PPT 45150


Hydrogen sulfide content: H2S Analyzer 320

  • Measure H2S in fluid and gas phase
  • Measure dissolved and secondary H2S
  • For bitumen, asphalt, crude, heavy oil and other refinery products
  • Temperature range +30 to +200 °C
  • Portable unit for measurements on site

Product page: H2S Analyzer 320


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